Harley-Davidson® Authorized Service Tin Thermometer

Harley-Davidson® Authorized Service Tin Thermometer

Harley-Davidson® Authorized Service Outdoor/Indoor Tin Thermometer, HDL-10093. There was a time in the USA when virtually every gas station and corner grocery or drug store had a thermometer hanging on the storefront. Whether it was advertising Nesbitt’s, Ramon’s Pink Pills, Texaco Motor Oil, Coca-Cola, or King Midas Flour, we always knew the temperature. And hanging outside the Harley-Davidson® shop was a Harley® tin thermometer, too. This is a classic reproduction of a thermometer that combines the above retro styling in a thermometer with dual scales. Whether you are a fan of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit or Anders Celsius, you’ll love this thermometer because it has both of their scales for reference. In addition to the Harley® advertising of Authorized Service, Quality, and Satisfaction Guaranteed mottos, this sign also has the Trade Mark Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield® logo. It’s made of durable tin, and the paint used is fade resistant. It looks great indoors or outside, with a wide range of temperature markings, from -40F to 140F. It is 8-inches high. Finished for an antique appearance. Totally functional and beautiful. Manufacturer Part Number, HDL-10093.


  • Classic reproduction thermometer combines retro styling with the practical function of a thermometer
  • Durable metal design
  • Fade resistant finish
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius Thermometer
  • Dimensions: 8“ W x 26.75" H
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HDL-10093